Corina White Feather’s


A warm Welcome!

Do you hear your inner call to YOUR Remembrance, to grow and dance into the New?

We invite you to step in and thrive along with us. 

Your contribution of traveling along may be a suggestion of your choice. 

                    to let us know about your idea of CoCeation. 

Thank you for being YOU❣️

with Love, Light & Gratitude

White Feather  

the Voice ~ calling in to 

Crystalline Lemurian

Remembrance & Beyond

Our offering   Platform of exchange for all members including impulses through White Feather

                             Live Circles held every 8 weeks for approximately 60 - 90 minutes

                                 Shares and exchanges of members

                                ♡︎ Questions to White Feather

                                 Practices with the Crystalline HeartSpace

                                 Share of New Knowledge to Crystals, Remembrance and its Sign, new lifestyles, ...

                                 Guidance and practices to grow into the New

                                 Nourishings & LiftUps

                                 SoulFreeingSound, Group SoulFreeingJourney        

                             Exclusive recordings of meditations, sound, sharings, ...

                             Special event on SummerSolstice

                             10% on all products, further special offers

                             Special price for the weekly SoulFreeingShine

                             CHF/USD 12.- go into the Foundation of Remembrance

                             And more, as we travel on

Requirement  Completed workshop Crystalline HeartSpace, commitment to the call of Your Remembrance

Your offering  CHF/USD 528.-, entrance possible at any time, monthly payments possible

    Those who are able to gift extra donations assist the ones who thankfully accept 

    the nourishing present of support.

2023 LiveEvents @ 8pm ZürichTime, 2pm Eastern US

January 14th

March 8th

May 6th

July 1st

August 26th

October 21st

December 16th


SummerSolstice 2023

June 21st - time to be announced

Lemurian High Priestess White Feather


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Aufgrund der Richtlinie von YouTube bin ich verpflichtet, dieses Pop-Up einzublenden. Klicke einfach auf ok, dann funktioniert alles so wie die Website mit viel Hingabe kreiert ist 🙏🏼 

Wir lassen jegliche Auswertungen und was es sonst noch gäbe weg - jeder ist ein freier Mensch und darf noch freier werden 😍