Call of Remembrance - free your soul!

Your ElementalForce

Can you feel, how your inner voice is calling you? Would you like to give her an ear of listening? 

On a personal InnerJourney, this sign asked to come into visibility. 

Since then, with groups or by myself, we lay it out into nature, in a scale of 10 Meters. In  FreeSoulJourney’s, it supports individually, in groups or globally as a wonderful and powerful instrument.

Still, I am on my path to get informed, what the sign would like from us and how it supports us in. 

Workshops and Retreats in the force and task of it’s messages. 


Please let us know, if you’d like to be informed through our sign in

You may use the signs for your private use. Printing templates you may find underneath the photo.

See you soon!

with Love, Light & 


White Feather


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Wir lassen jegliche Auswertungen und was es sonst noch gäbe weg - jeder ist ein freier Mensch und darf noch freier werden 😍